⏲️Sunday 2nd May, 6pm Berlin time

As the market is taking another dip, now it's the best time to invest or to make more investments.

Here is the 3rd workshop where I share with you:

  1. Staking and rewards on chain and centralized exchange (earning interest rate up to 250% yearly) 🤑💵
  2. Private wallets, the best options, and how to create yours ⛄️
  3. DEFI and how it can replace the banks🤑. How you can make money with it.🔥
  4. How to earn up to 10% passive income (interest rate on your fiat currency: Euro, US Dollars and UK Pound)
  5. How to choose which coin to buy and invest in.😏
  6. Ask any questions!
  7. Learning materials that will help you to deepen your knowledge and experience on your own.

Why am I doing this?

It's in alignment with my personal mission:

✨I believe in a free world where power and finance are Decentralized. Crypto and Blockchain technologies are offering us this opportunity.

Financial freedom:

I wish for many of our community members to be able to travel and join us in our future projects, and potentially buy land with us or around us.

I see many people struggling financially and I see how my knowledge and experience can help people to increase their wealth.